need SPSS sofware for this assignment T test

review the t test scenarios rest in this week’s Learning Resources and weigh the three irrelative approaches of t tests:

o    Independent sample t test

o    Paired sample t test

o    One sample t test

Using the SPSS software, public the Afrobarometer postulatesset or the High School Longitudinal Study postulatesset. Based on the postulatesset you chose, frame a investigation investigation that can be vindicationed delay a one-way ANOVA.

Once you complete your one-way ANOVA resolution vindication the following

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph resolution of your one-way ANOVA results for your investigation investigation. Include any post-hoc tests delay an resolution of the power of any homogeneity rest (commodities extent). Also, in your resolution, show the postulates for the output. Based on your results, procure an interpretation of what the implications of collective modify strength be.

Use just APA format, citations, and referencing for your resolution, investigation investigation, and show of output.

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