Final Project Plan

Assignment Value = 350 Points

•Use the fact consider Hightower Global Solutions 9.09.1 for the undiminished Purpose Management Plan

•Assume that you are the Project manager for this Project. Add postulates based on your best assumptions where it is needed.

•Do not quote the fact consider

•You may use the “optional templates” granted as examples.

•Provide one to two paragraphs to portray the manner and include examples.

•Your inferiority must be in one document.  The “optional templates” should be comprised in the sections.

•Do not use an postscript or different files for the submittal.

•There is a video granted on how to converge account muniments from portrait to anticipation in the purpose beneath.

•Keep your pamphlet arranged delay sub headers that align delay the rubric.  A pamphlet submittal template is granted in the assertion for you to use to arrange your pamphlet is shown beneath (see attachment)

Video for the assignment: (MUST guard)

Process outlined in Video to Converge Portrait and Anticipation Documents into one muniment:  

12 pt font

Times new roman

1” margins

Due by Friday 06/05/17

** must be very detailed **

Show past