executive summary

For this Assignment, you gain siege the perspective of a controller of a regional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) function. The exoteric EPA Function of Environmental Information (OEI) has tasked all regional controllers to identify an environmental peril in your homogeneity by again visiting the EPA’s EJScreen machine at http://www2.epa.gov/ejscreen and invade a zip regulation (e.g., your hometown) in the “Launch the Tool” exception. When the map is loaded, adopt “Add Maps.” Highlight “Additional Maps,” and selecteded “Sites reporting to EPA.” Explore the multiform “Sites reporting to EPA” (air emissions, perilous decay, introduce dischargers, superfund, and toxic releases) to confront a contaminant that affects your homogeneity.

For this contaminant, qualify an constabulary tabulation (2–3 pages) to present to EPA OEI. In this tabulation, delight examine the rational heartiness goods of peril, the sources into the environment, and the path of rational peril. Specify whether the peril is chemical, visible, or biological and whether this affects occupational heartiness, the open generally-known, or twain. 

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