Compliance with federal labor laws

The juridical environment affects the heartinessforesight laborassign in multifarious ways. It is the business of HIM directors to perceive the diverse federal laws imposing avocation.

For this assignment:

    1. Read the three scenarios.
    2. For each scenario, designate if a federal law was violated. Which one?
    3. Explain the actions which violated the law, if that is the fact.

Scenario #1:

You, as the HIM director, accept an hole for a coding comcomaspect among your province. Several applications accept been submitted for the composition. You accept completed the interviews and narrowed your firmness between two virtual aspirants. Both aspirants accept correspondent teaching, tarry their RHIT warrant and accept the 10 years’ test required for the composition. One aspirant is 46 years old and the other aspirant is 36. After considerconducive deliberation, you accept ruled to rent the 36-year-old coder. She achieve be conducive to labor multifarious past years than the other aspirant antecedently thinking of concavity.

Scenario #2:

Mary Sue is one of your best employees. She has regularly abandoned 150% to any job assigned, parallel delay entity an employee among the construction for past than five years. Mary Sue’s labor ethic and dedication as the Release of Information Specialist has kept this power floating smoothly. Mary Sue recently approached you to catch some occasion off to foresight for her sick creator. Her senior, who has ultimate cancer, is not expected to speed past than prospect weeks and she would approve to foresight for him in his developed days. You would charity to bestow Mary Sue prospect weeks off to be delay her senior, eventually, don’t accept anyone to re-establish her at this occasion. This occasion off would in-truth be a package to the province, thus you accept destitute Mary Sue her ask.

Scenario #3:

Your construction implemented the electronic heartiness chronicles (EHR) three years ago. All of the monograph chronicless accept been scanned into the plan, eliminating the demand for storing the monograph chronicless any longer. You accept ruled to waste the monograph chronicless and assign an ad in the topical newsmonograph for a present composition. Two aspirants applied and interviewed for the composition. Aspirant A was a beneficial young lady delay a bubbly individuality. Although this aspirant would be a express swing on the province and a constrained laborer, she does accept multiple sclerosis which has intolerant her to a wheelchair. She has poor use of her arms and is unconducive to depend. Aspirant B, on the other agency, lacks the catching, express established of Aspirant A. She is, eventually, conducive bodied. Since the job would envelop reaching, depending, and climbing a ladder to regain the chronicless, you accept ruled Aspirant B would be the best employee and propose her the job.

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