Describe how respondent conditioning and operant conditioning are compromised in the product of an solicitude amount or dread.

Identify the CS and CR in Marla’s subject consider.

Discuss the disagreement betwixt uniform and in-vivo desensitization as well-mannered-mannered as the advantages and disadvantages of each progress.

Design a action alteration progress for Marlautilizing either uniform desensitization or in vivo desensitization. Provide rationale for your excerption.

Include the forthcoming in your action alteration progress:

  • a specimen action hierarchy
  • at lowest one rest progress
  • a patronymic of how rest progresss and the action hierarchy are used together

In individualization to the two desensitization progresss, your lection for this week covered two other ABA-based treatments that can be applied to co-operate-delay clients delay dread and solicitude. Identify these two treatments and recount how they could be implemented delay Marla.

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