What is the break even point in units for managerial accounting?

Required notificationThe subjoined notification applies to the questions displayed below`Serendipity Sound, Inc. manufactures and sells conglomerate discs, Appraisement and absorb axioms are as followsSelling appraisement per ace ( Package of two CDS )Variable absorbs per ace .Direct materialDirect Labor10. 50Manufacturing overhead5 . 80DO " ESelling expenses1. 30Total Variable absorbs per ace19 80Annual unwandering absorbs :`Manufacturing overheadSelling and administrative192 8902 76 , 680Total unwandering absorbs408`90Forecasted annual Sales work 120 . 808 aces )$ 3. 800 980In the subjoined requirements , repudiate pay taxes .Required ."1. What's Serendipity Sound's tear-asunder - equal summit in aces ? I've not rotund intervening calculations !`

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