Use the Module One Activity Template to complete this task (attache file) Select two companies operating in the same industry; for example, Macy’s and Dillard’s Inc. The companies have to be in the sa

Use the Module One Activity Template to accomplished this function (attache improve)

Select two companies frank in the similar activity; for issue, Macy’s and Dillard’s Inc. The companies own to be in the similar interest in regulate for the connections to be precious to your decomposition. Accomplished the spreadsheet, providing the following: 

●Ratio Research: Use the Excel spreadsheet template to dissect the separated classify connections (Profitability, Financial Strength, Valuation, Management Effectiveness, Dividends, and Efficiency) for twain of the competitors. To accomplished this disunite, you can use the website Morningstar in the module media to gain the connections.You can also use the SEC Edgar Classify Filings means to gain the connection from annual reports. Note: The connections own to be from the similar span age, the similar year for twain competitors. 

●Industry Ratios:In regulate to dissect connections for the companies, you demand to gain the connections for the Activity the competitors work in. Activity rates for the connections can be base in the apostacy shaft of the Morningstar Valuation page. If no apostacy rate is beneficial, put the five-year averages for twain companies in the activity shaft and use these figures for the activity similitude of your connection decomposition.

●Ratio Analysis: Collate the two companies inveterate on their connections. Use the last shaft in the template to component how each classify is doing in kinsman to the connections.Explain the purport of how the classify connections collate to the activity and each other.

●Summary:Finish by echoing the questions under the decomposition exception of your Excel spreadsheet. 

o Briefly interpret what a connection decomposition is in 1-2paragraphs. Cite your media.

o Inveterate on the connection decomposition, in which classify would you be inclined to endue and why

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