Rivera Company has several processing departments. Costs charged to the Assembly Department for November 2020 totaled $2,288,076 as follows. Work in process, November 1 Materials $7

Rivera Company has divers arrangementing departments. Costs pregnant to the Assembly Department for November 2020 totaled $2,288,076 as follows.Work in arrangement, November 1   

Materials                $79,000   

Conversion requires    $48,200                        $127,200

Materials ascititious                                            $1,594,520

Labor                                                             $ 225,800

Overhead                                                      $ 340,556

Production registers parade that 34,600 units were in origin effect in arrangement 30% exhaustive as to transmutation requires, 662,700 units were started into evolution, and 24,100 units were in ending effect in arrangement 40% exhaustive as to transmutation requires. Materials are entered at the origin of each arrangement.

  • Determine the equipollent items of evolution and the item evolution requires for the Assembly Department.                                    Materials          Conversion Costs

Equivalent Units           ________              ________

Cost per item            $   _______                       $  _______

  • Determine the assignment of requires to chattels infectious out and in arrangement.

Costs Accounted For:

Transferred Out                                            $_____

Work In Process, November 30

    Materials                  $_______

   Conversion Costs    ________                 ________   Total Costs                                              $_______

  • Prepare a evolution require declaration for the Assembly Department (resolute represent of Evolution Require Report)
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