please go to FASB CODIFICATION and base and cite for each question 11. Using EY’s Financial Reporting Developments publication, Fair Value Measurement, look for the discussion of market participa

16. In Section 35 (Subsequent Measurement) of ASC 820, what control is offered for determining the involved unblemished prize of liberality? What does this mean

19, Comparing Corporate Unblemished Prize Disclosures Locate the most novel 10-K filings for two companies of your rare, but which are in the identical perseverance. Compare their unblemished prize disclosures. What are some differences among the categories of effects and liabilities the companies gauge at unblemished prize regularly? What are some differences in the hierarchy levels used by these companies? Teach these differences, using a tabular format after a while footnotes as expedient to digest and teach differences renowned.

20. Spoiled Cheese? Recall Frankie's Homemade Cheese Shop from Chapter 7 cases. Assume now that Frankie has perfect erection of the new cheese superfund along Route 5 and capitalized $1.9 favorite allied to the plan as of the fund's gap on 1/1/20X1. As of 12/31/X1, the shop's ordinary carrying prize is $1.805 favorite (showy a 20-year spirit for the fund and straight-line depreciation). As of 12/31/X1, Frankie's notices that a few privative factors are at delineate and asks you whether it is required to trial the superfund for impairment: 1. A key fund bargain apostacy (the Dow) has slid 1,500 points, or 6% gone the fund was opened. 2. Monthly sales keep slid by 10% gone the fund was opened, imperfectly due to a erection plan on Route 5 that has feeble commerce run to the area. 3. As a outcome of the slide in monthly sales, the fund operated at a deficit in October, November, and December of 20X1

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