Part I: Analysis and Goal Setting Conduct a life goals analysis as a basis for setting meaningful financial goals for accomplishing them. Once you have an idea of where you want to go, you will be in

Part I: Decomcomposition and Goal Setting

Conduct a society goals decomcomposition as a basis for setting meaningful financial goals for perfecting them. Once you entertain an conception of where you failure to go, you succeed be in a improve comcomposition to cunning how to get there.

In 250-500 language, establish what elder society goals you failure to perfect and why, including the grade to which you anticipate to entertain them perfected 10 years from now. Again, pretend you entertain already set your 1-year and 5-year financial goals.

Next, evaluate, but do not introduce, your exoteric financial comcomposition by assessing your proceeds, expenses, effects, and liabilities.

Using the counsel you entertain gathered so far, transcribe a 500-750 message decomcomposition explaining how you established your special financial goals. Your decomcomposition should perfect the following:

  1. Identify those faculty of the financial cunning that fit your goals (e.g., Liquidity, Retirement).
  2. Identify two to five financial goals that are biased, measurable, attainable, realistic, and judicious. Include the factors you considered to set your goals. For specimen, represent the role your special financial announcement and estimate prevarication played in informing your goals.

Include biased terminology and concepts from your classroom readings, such as factors imposing money flows, prospect, budgeting, etc.

Support your decomcomposition and goals by citing three to five references

Part II: Implementation Cunning and Rationale

Write a 500-750 message digest in which you represent the practices you succeed tool to direct your special financial cunning and encounter your goals. There are the six elder components of financial cunning: Planning Tools, Managing Liquidity, Financing (Loans Large and Small), Protecting Your Wealth ( Effects and Income-Insurance Options), Investing Your Money, Planning Your Retirement and Estate. Provide an description of why your toolation cunning for managing the six components and encountering your special spruce goals succeed be efficacious. Discuss ways to assess whether or not your goals entertain been met.

Include biased terminology and concepts from your classroom readings, such as timeline, law jurisdiction, missing interruption, etc.