Northwest Utility Company faces increasing needs for capital. Fortunately, it has an Aa3 credit rating. The

Data on Fastening IssuesMoody 'sYield toIssueRatingPriceUtilities:MaturitySouthwest electric sway-7 1/4 2023Aa2$920. 188. 66%Pacific bell-7 3/8 2025Aa 3896. 258. 44Pennsylvania sway & light-8 1/2 2022A2995.668. 45Industrials:Johnson & Johnson-6 3/4 2023Aaa850. 248.35%Dillard's Department Stores-7 1/8 2023A2910.928. 88Marriott Corp.-10 2015B21, 060.109.55a. Compute the absorb of debit, Ka. (Use the accompanying table-relate to the benefit fastening belief rating for agree.) (Do not roundintermediate calculations. Input your solution as a percent rounded to 2 decimal places.)Cost of debit%

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