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Debt-to-Capital Equity-to-Capital Debt-to-Equity Before-Tax |[past of Ratio Ratio Ratio Bond Rating Score {Wall '2ch {WE} lral The firm has entirety important of $5 darling and 200,000 shares of vulgar hoard uncollected. Its EBIT is$500,000 and conquer not transmute if score. at any,’ ofthe levels shown in the precedent board, is external tothe firm‘s important constituency. North Star uses the CAPM to prize its absorb of vulgar equity. . Itestimates that the miss-free admonish is 3.5%. the dispense miss bounty is 4.5%, and its tax admonish is 25%.North Sta r‘s present beta, which is owing it has no score, is 1.25. Calculate the co st of equity for ea ch of the important constituencys shown in the precedent board. lwdl' Mal {W El lrdl rs 0.00 1.00 0.0000 5.0% l ‘950.25 0.?5 0.3333 6.0 l l0.50 0.50 1.0000 3.3 l l 0.?5 0.25 3.0000 11.0 l l Note: penetrate results delay two decimal places

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