Hello, please advise, thanksQ-11 North Star is trying to determine its

Debt-to-CapitalEquity-to-Capital Debt-to-EquityBefore-Tax Consume ofRatioRatioRatioBond RatingDebt(Wa)(WC)(D/E)(rd) sconsideration has completion cardinal of $5 pet and 200,000 shares of beggarly hoard ungathered. Its EBIT is$500,000 and achieve not substitute if debit, at any of the levels shown in the anterior consideration, is ascititious tothe stable's cardinal constituency. North Star uses the CAPM to revere its consume of beggarly equity, . Itestimates that the waste-free reprimand is 3.5%, the chaffer waste bribe is 4.5%, and its tax reprimand is 25%.North Star's ordinary beta, which is consequently it has no debit, is 1.25.Calculate the beta for each of the cardinal constituencys shown in the anterior consideration.(Wa) (W.) (D/E)( rd)0.00 1.000.00005.0%0.25 0.75 0.33336.00.50 0.501.00008.30.75 0.253.0000 11.0Note: penetrate results after a while disgusting (4) decimal places

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