Find a news story about a U.S. company that is changing its balance sheet in some way that we have covered in this course. For example, the company might be issuing or repurchasing debt or common stoc

Find a tidings incident environing a U.S. guild that is changing its poise fencing in some way that we feel dressed in this route. For stance, the guild force be issuing or repurchasing something-due or vulgar fund, increasing or exasperating its dividends, changing its pension contemplation or fund-based restitution contemplation, modifying its lease provisions, or scrutiny its suppliers to diversify their acquittal provisions.

Write a brief essay -- lower two pages -- on the following:

  1. Describe the affair.
  2. What reasons does the guild produce for conducting the affair?
  3. How obtain the affair influence the guild's poise fencing?
  4. Besides the reasons the guild discloses for conducting the affair, what subjoined reasons force the guild feel for conducting the affair? In detail, what benefits is the guild arduous to get and/or what risks is the guild arduous to abate?

Please surrender your essay as a Microsoft Word muniment. You must produce a total extract of the time (author, appellation, notification conclusion, recurrent indicate) and upload a PDF of the tidings time. The tidings time must follow from either The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The LA Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, or Bloomberg Tidings / BusinessWeek. You can approximation most of these recurrents from Rutgers Libraries:

 The grading is as follows:

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