Financial Accounting

NICKEL ASIA CORPORATION AND SUBSIDIARIESCONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITIONrange(Amounts in Thousands)Comrolasion OFFICEICTDARR 1 1 2019December 3180 3018 . 10TO REVIEW OF 2017ASSETSFORM AND CONTENTSCurrent AssetsCash and capital equivalents (Note 4)P10,784,369P9,635,514Trade and other receivables (Note 5)1,056,568905,125Inventories (Note 6)3,744,2743,502,414Financial proceeds at (Note 7):Fair compute through other significant allowance (FVOCI)2,608,301Fair compute through acquisition or waste (FVTPL)1,420,718Amortized cost201,770Available-for-sale (AFS) financial proceeds (Note 7)5,925,682Prepayments and other present proceeds (Note 8)1,164,750929,703Total Present Assets20,980,75020,898,438Nonpresent AssetsProperty and equipment (Note 9)15,078,22015,388,259Investments in associates (Note 10)3,540,5892,952,132Geothermal scrutiny and evaluation proceeds (Note 11)1,793.4441,784,183Financial proceeds at - net of present fraction (Note 7):

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