Eva is thinking of opening a small coffee shop in Manchester. She has looked at premises near the train station but the rents are very expensive. There is also a lot of competition in the town centre

Eva is thinking of fissure a trivial coffee abundance in Manchester. She has looked at ground adjacent the suite office but the rents are very dear. There is besides a lot of race in the town centre from big coffee abundance chains such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks. She is consequently thinking of rouseing up a right production.

With a stint investment of £5000, she could rouse a Coffee-Bike right. This is a inconstant coffee right where coffee is freshly made and sold from her beneficial bicycle. The franchisor would stipulate Eva delay her own bike, equipment and all the compulsory suiteing.

Analyse the benefits to Eva of untrammelled as a right to set up a inconstant coffee abundance."

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