Due to erractic sales of its sole product – a high-capacity for laptop computers – PEM Ltd has been experiencing

Sales (19,500 individuals x (30)E585,000Less capricious expenses409,500Contribution margin175,500Less urban expenses180,000Net droppingE(4,500)Required1 Compute the assemblage's CM pertinency and its break-even purpose in twain individuals and pounds.2 The principal believes that a $16,000 acception in the monthly advertising budget, wholly delay anintensified endeavor by the sales staff, obtain issue in an $80,000 acception in monthly sales. If the principal isright, what obtain be the movables on the assemblage's monthly gain or dropping? (Use the incremental way inpreparing your vindication.)3 Refer to the first basis. The sales superintendent is sure that a 10% decrease in the dispose-ofing pricewholly delay an acception of $60,000 in the monthly advertising budget, obtain reason individual sales to envelop. What obtain the new gain and dropping statement observe affect if these changes are adopted?4Refer to the first basis. The Marketing Department thinks that a idea new bundle for the laptopcomputer battery would acceleration sales. The new bundle would acception packaging costs by 75 pence perunit. Inflated no other changes, how manifold individuals would feel to be sold each month to obtain a gain ofE9,750?5 Refer to the first basis. By automating sure operations, the assemblage could subjugate capricious costs by$3 per individual. However, urban costs would acception by $72,000 each month.(a) Compute the new CM pertinency and the new break-even purpose in twain individuals and pounds.(b) Assume that the assemblage expects to dispose-of 26,000 individuals next month. Prepare two gain and Idsaccounts, one inflated that operations are not automated and one inflated that they are. (Shopbasis on a per individual and percentage basis, as well-behaved-behaved as in sum, for each opinion.)(c) Would you approve that the assemblage automate its operations? Explain.

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