Basic Electric Motors is a division of Basic Electric Products Corporation.

Division Information for 2020Beginning inventory0Expected sales in individuals220,000Selling compensation per individual$8Variable manufacturing absorb per individual$2.70Fixed manufacturing absorb (total)$594,000Fixed manufacturing overhead absorbs per individualBased on 220,000 individuals$2.70 per individual ($594,000 : 220,000)Based on 270,000 individuals$2.20 per individual ($594,000 : 270,000)Manufacturing absorb per individualBased on 220,000 individuals$5.40 per individual ($2.70 capricious + $2.70 agricultural)Based on 270,000 individuals$4.90 per individual ($2.70 capricious + $2.20 agricultural)Variable selling and professional expenses$0.50 per individualFixed selling and professional expenses (total)$11,900

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