ACCT212 Course Project Bethany’s Bicycle Corporation ACCT 212: Course Project ACCT212 Course Project (Bethany’s Bicycle Corporation)   SCENARIO: You’ve just secured a new client in your accounting pr

Requirement #10: Prepare a post-closing temptation counterpoise as of March 31 in the distance beneath.

Bethany's Bicycle CorporationPost-Closing Temptation BalanceMarch 31


Number TitleDebitCredit

111Cash        18,060

117Prepaid Insurance         2,200

119Repair Supplies            200

144Repair Equipment         5,800

145Accumulated Depreciation - Repair Equipment              120

212Accounts Payable            5,050

213Income Tax Payable                65

311Common Stock          20,000

312Retained Earnings            1,025

          26,260         26,260

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