a) From a financial perspective, should Tony implement the

recommendation(s) earn you produce to Unidac's address?(d) Identify three deep costs or limitations of an activity-based costing (3 marks)system.Question 3 (20 marks)John Lane is the new appointed financial leader of Sonic Manufacturing Ltd (Sonic).The gang specializes in the make of audio and video devices. John met withTony Chan, Sonic's insert overseer, on the highest day of product at his new job. Tony expressedhis big sympathy to John encircling the running immense capital run tied up in the catalogue stored inthe magazine. He has been because the implementation of a JIT product plan inthe insert. However, he is unsure encircling the benefits, producen the risks compromised for not keepingadequate catalogue for product. John was asked to evaluate the proposition and produce him

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