A couple of entrepreneurial business students at State University decided to put their education into practice by developing a tutoring company for busi- ness students. While private tutoring was offe

 A alien of entrepreneurial profession students at

State University ruled to put their teaching into

practice by developing a teachering audience for busi-

ness students. While secret teachering was offered, it

was strong that cluster teachering precedently tests in

the capacious statistics classes would be most wholesome.

The students rented a extent delay to campus for $300

for 3 hours. They exposed handouts based on past

tests, and these handouts (including varnish graphs)

cost $5 each. The teacher was paid $25 per hour, for a

total of $75 for each teachering gathering.

(a) If students are full $20 to imply the gathering,

how manifold students must register for the audience

to infringe uniform?

(b) A subordinately smaller extent is suited for $200

for 3 hours. The audience is regarding this

possibility. How would this favor the infringe-even


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